Making Africa a First World Country in 25 Years

Making Africa a First World Country in 25 Years

The big debate about converting a Third World Nation into a First World Nation tends to be visible more than often. Through different forms of research, individuals have managed to come out with important ways that look into the main aspects of this problem. By taking all that into consideration, the period of change is also touted to be in 25 years. With the main country being Africa, one needs to know more about this and understand how things will change in 25 years.

Developing Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

One of the first ways through which this plan stands to be possible is by developing Gross Domestic Product per capita or the average household income. Doing so will bring in a list of changes as they are central to individual development. Once it starts to be widespread, it will begin to cover a vast area of change and soon spread worldwide. But if the process is ignored or left without any signs of improvement, then the entire plan will crumble and break.

Africa a First World

In case you believe that this step will not bring in any form of change, then studies tend to come in handy. Numerous researchers and other economists have displayed facts of success that always grew through the increase in average income. One of the prominent examples comes from Japan, as it focused on the same between 1950 and 1972. As a result, its GDP per capita doubled, and now the entire country is in the right place.

The Inclusion of the State

State intervention is always seen as an essential move to excel and reach greater heights. In countries like Africa, such forms of advancements are far from being visible, and the country had to face the burden. The diminishing signs of investment and other crucial aspects are all significant barriers that have stood in the way of development. While the style of leadership has changed over the years, it still needs to create an impact. For that purpose, African leaders need to step up and accept challenges.

By looking into the many areas of policy changes, they can propel ahead and carry out a formula that has been widely accepted in other countries. Through valid examination and a system of prevention, they can decode the problem and stand to gain through a solution. While it all sounds to be easy, reality quotes a different statement. So we all need to work and ensure that the next 25 years will all be about Africa and how it is bound to change things for the better.

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