New Wheelchairs For Students At Lavalla School,Cambodia

New Wheelchairs For Students At Lavalla School,Cambodia

Courtesy of a Victorian donor, LaValla School for children with disabilities was able to purchase 15 new wheelchairs for their students. These students suffer from a range conditions that render them physically disabled including polio, congenital diseases and cerebral palsy, while some are disabled due to accidents or infections.

The wheelchairs were purchased from a Cambodian NGO who LaValla School partners with to support many children. This NGO receives external funding which allows them to offer heavily subsidized wheelchairs to other organisations working with Cambodian people with a disability.

The following photos were taken shortly after LaValla School was visited by a medical team of orthopedic surgeons from Spain. The surgeons looked at a large number of children and operated on eight of them and helped them with rehabilitation post-surgery. Once these children are out of their plaster, despite being wheelchair reliant most of the time, they will receive intensive physiotherapy in the new physio unit which will lead to their movement being greatly improved.

We would like to thank the donor for brining change to the lives of these children. If you would like to support the ongoing development of the children at LaValla School


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